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Post-Decree Domestic Issues

Post-Decree Domestic Issues

After a divorce or allocation of parental responsibilities action is final, circumstances don’t always stay the same.  Often, it is necessary to modify the final orders in a divorce, Allocation of Parental Responsibilities, or Legal Separation to keep up with life’s changes. We are here to help you navigate the necessary changes, and we will advocate for you in making these changes.

For more information on each of these issues, please click the below links for relocation, child support/ maintenance modifications, parenting plan modifications, and wage assignments.


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Child Support / Maintenance

Parenting Plan Modification

Wage Assignment

Changing residence and moving a significant distance can be a challenge. When a parent shares parenting time and decision making with another parent, the moving process becomes much more difficult.

In order to move out of state or to a different city with your child, you must gain court permission. Some situations will permit a more simple process, but this action is frequently difficult to successfully complete.

Child support: If the parenting schedule changes or the financial circumstances of the family changes, it may be necessary to modify child support. Likewise, if any of the children have emancipated but the child support has not changed, it is necessary to seek a modification.

Spousal maintenance: Depending on how the original agreement was drafted, maintenance may be modifiable. If a spouse’s financial needs or ability to pay have changed, or the recipient spouse has married or cohabitated, there may be a reason to modify maintenance.

If either or both of the parents have a change of circumstance or disability, whether permanent or temporary, it may be necessary to alter the parenting plan. This often happens as children get older.

If a parent decides they want sole decision making authority, that parent will likely need to seek a modification of decision-making responsibilities from the Court.

Instances are present where an individual is not compliant in his or her obligation to pay child support. In these unfortunate situations, it is possible to make the obligator pay child support through an assignment of the earned wages, also known as a garnishment.