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Bethany Harrell

Bethany Harrell


Bethany looks to incorporate a positive and supportive outlook in a legal field in which conflict resolution and leadership are integral.

Bethany earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in Journalism along with a double minor in Political Science and Bible from Cedarville University. During her senior year, Bethany lived in Washington, D.C. for a semester, interning at a leading non-profit organization focusing on advocating for the family on the national level. During this semester, Bethany was introduced to the philosophical and theoretical foundation of the law. It was clear that the law could be a tool to effect positive change in her community.

Bethany returned to Colorado to serve as a Legislative Assistant in the Colorado House of Representatives as well as on a U.S. Senate campaign. During her time in politics, Bethany graduated in 2016 from Leadership Program of the Rockies, a year-long program designed to equip emerging leaders in knowledge of America’s founding principles and skills in persuasion and principle-centered leadership. This experience led Bethany to understand that politics was a means of helping a community but too often was focused on national discussions. She was more interested in helping individual people in her community.

During her position in the Colorado General Assembly, Bethany became interested in the practice of law and especially its influence upon the family. Bethany received Master of Arts and Juris Doctor degrees from Regent University School of Law in Virginia. While in law school, Bethany was a law clerk for one of Virginia’s leading eminent domain law firms; was a law clerk for the American Center for Law and Justice, one of the premier civil liberty firms in the nation; was an intern for a district court in Virginia; and was a legal intern at the Jefferson County District Attorney’s Office. Even considering these positions, Bethany’s biggest honor was being elected President of the Student Bar Association, where she represented the students’ interest to the school’s administration. Additionally, she helped her colleagues hone their negotiation skills by serving on the Alternative Dispute Resolution Board. In these positions, Bethany honed her leadership and negotiation skills in preparation for helping families.

Bethany’s passion for implementing negotiation skills to reach resolutions, and providing principle-guided leadership led her to choose a career in family law. In her legal recommendations, Bethany challenges clients to approach turbulent decisions by prioritizing family unity and a focusing on building a foundation for a successful future.

Bethany is a Colorado native, and is married to her law school sweetheart, Chip, who was promoted from law school “study partner.” Bethany enjoys equestrian activities, and spending time in the Rockies.